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Children with asthma

When I was young I suffered from childhood asthma. It was terrible I'll tell you that. And on that time we didn't have the medicine and technology that we've got today so it was a bit harder for me back then. My children have got asthma today but the good thing about having asthma today is that there's medicine and other methods to make it better. You can't cure it but you can make it kind of go away when you need it. There's medicine that lets you breathe normally when you've got an attack which is really good. ...

Nice room

It is really nice to have a nice bathroom, there is al ot of good bathroom designs to look in to before you choose. I lovet ot have a well planned bathroom. It is so lovely and so nice to be able to enjoy a room so much. And it is a room that we spend a lot of time in. So I think it is important to have a nice bathroom and a beautiful kitchen that is for me a complete home. There is so many good looking homes so it is not hard to find inspiration I ...

Lost my cable!

I've recently lost my rf cable assemblies. I don't know how it got away, but i guess all I can do is to buy a new one. I have looked everywhere, and i really mean everywhere. I'ts got to be somewhere. Maybe I'll give mom a call. She always finds stuff wherever they are. It's really incredible. She's like a private detective when it comes to lost items. She could start a investigation bureau and make som money on it. But I would be really amazed if she found my cable!